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JFG Avocat is the law office established in Paris, France, specialized in litigation and counseling in the fields of patents, trademarks and intellectual property, founded in the Spring 2012 by Jean-François Guillot, a specialist in IP law and an attorney-at-law licensed in France and in New York.

As an attorney and counsellor for more than fifteen years
, I have practiced with passion intellectual property law at established French, European and U.S. law firms, advising and representing numerous French and International companies, from small businesses to multinationals,
in many complex patent litigation matters in France, and more generally in intellectual property and unfair competition litigation and non-contentious matters

Still driven by the same passion, I have founded JFG Avocat to better serve the needs of French and international clients, more and more demanding not only in terms of excellence and efficiency, but also of cost management.

In a global increasingly competitive environment, being able to manage intellectual property is more than ever a critical priority for each business.

Without an in-depth reflexion in defining and implementing adequate policies for protecting, licensing and enforcing intellectual property rights, whether patents, trademarks, trade names, domain names, copyrights, design rights, but also know-how and trade secrets, businesses cannot get the return on technical and aesthetic research and investments, promote their products and services as well as their image, and make the difference from competitors.

Thanks to the expertise aquired in these fields, and the network of high quality professionals  with whom I am used to collaborating, in France and abroad, I am happy to  accompany my clients towards success in their most complex projects, and to provide, in case of legal dispute, the efficient assistance and sharp skills which will help them to maximize their chances to prevail in litigation.

Eventually, my dual qualification as an attorney in France and in New York state, allows me, in particular, to especially understand and address the needs of both French companies and individuals doing business in the U.S., and U.S. companies or individuals doing business in France.

I am proud to provide to each client taylor made services at an utmost level of excellence, with a continuous attention to reactivity, availability, and to meeting his/her expectations and beyond.

Jean-François Guillot

Attorney-at-law / Avocat
Registered as a specialist in intellectual property law
by the French Bars Council
Member of the Paris & New York Bars  

137, rue de l'Université

 75007 Paris, France

Email :

Telephone : + 33 (0) 1 45 79 96 01

Fax : +33 (0) 1 53 01 08 50